When a CEO Becomes a President


Today is a historic day for so many reasons. A new president was sworn into office this morning, unlike any president we have ever had in recent times. We now have a CEO who has become the 45th President of the United States. He has never called himself a politician. He has never behaved as a politician. CEO’s and Politicians are two different breeds.

All along the campaign trail I watched the CEO, Mr. Trump, gain momentum. In grand CEO style, he said the things people needed to hear, things they wanted to hear and things they never dreamed they would hear. It worked for the CEO because people love change and people will vote for change even if for no other reason than change itself.

The electorate spoke and the change and the CEO were voted in. Not only did the electorate want change, but they also voted for a CEO, instead of a politician. We traded the role of the gracious, intelligent politician for a brash, intelligent CEO. It is not a bad thing nor a thing to fear.

For most of my career, I worked in corporate America. I had five different CEO’s during my career spanning over 25 years. Some were easy to work for and others…not so much. But the one thing they all had in common was a vision. They knew where they wanted to go and what their legacy would be. They relished in their power and thrill of carrying out their visions.

For those of us in the corporate ranks we had to “get on board” with each new CEO. Loyalty was paramount. If you could not get on board, you could leave the organization. Like it or not, agree with them or not, you were called to do a job. Every American in the end has the job of being a flag waiving Patriot.

We are either Patriots of this country who can get on board with the changes that will surely come or I guess you can fear, protest and remain disconnected with the mission of democracy until you can elect a politician again.

In my years of experience, I always found it easier to get on board to the best of my ability. I did it for the greater good of my company. My loyalty was always to my company first. There were many times I did not agree with the direction or ideologies of my CEO but I was first and foremost a team player for my organization.

So will you display your patriotism and loyalty to this country? Can you be a team player for this country?

To be completely honest, I liked some of my CEO’s and disliked others. What I felt about them personally really had little to do with the job they were tasked to do. Their orders came from a higher source, weather it was from a Board of Directors or a mandate of the people. The mandate of America, decided on November 8, 2016, was…”To Make America Great Again” which was the battle cry of the CEO, now President Donald Trump.

So here we go. The leadership has changed. The CEO has become President, the politician has departed. It is certainly going to look and feel very different. CEO’s give orders, they expect excellence, they care little what people think of their directions or decisions and they expect loyalty. They will say what is on their minds and shame your lack of loyalty.

It is time to stop taking about fear and accept that we have embarked on a new path…We have a CEO that is president and a bold, emerging Corporate America. Will you get on the Patriot Bus or spend the next four years grumbling and waiting for the return of the politician?

If you think I voted for Trump…I did not. But I am CEO wise and realize that I need to get on board…for the greater good of this country. Let’s face it…in another four years…things can change again. I love democracy!

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